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Your Longboat Key Metalworking Professionals

FL Fab Works, FL

If your Longboat Key home's exterior lacks a certain appeal, you might want to consider getting stunning metal installations put in. Should that sound like just the thing to get your home looking its best, don't hesitate to call the experienced Longboat Key metalworking company, FL Fab Works. We can get your home looking great by offering a variety of stunning installations.

Among these installations are metal screen enclosures and gates. These stunning, classic-looking pieces will add an air of timeless beauty to your home. All the while, they will fulfill some practical needs in the form of better privacy and protection. These qualities all combine to provide one final quality you'll love: increase resale value!

Of course, it's not only homeowners who are able to enjoy our quality metal installations. Business owners in the Longboat Key area can also enjoy them thanks to our commercial services. Whether you're looking to get a durable metal gate, railing, or screen enclosures, you can count on our dependable team to provide all that and more for your business.

Beautiful Metal Screen Enclosures for Your Longboat Key Home

Once winter comes to a long-awaited close and the warmer weather begins to come slowly back, you might find yourself hard-pressed to spend so much of your time inside. In fact, you might find the highlight of your day to be simply waking up with your morning coffee on your front porch. Only one problem, though: As spring comes back, so will the bugs, and those critters will hamper your porch time.

If you find yourself torn between wanting to take in the warmer weather and NOT wanting to deal with the bugs, you need to give our metalworking professionals a call. We can provide a metal screen enclosure for your porch, helping you to enjoy all the time you spend on it in peace, free from the buzzing pests that come with spring.

Metal Gates to Transform Your Home into a Work of Art

Nothing completes the look of any home quite like a gate can. It provides a practical purpose of discouraging unwanted strangers from getting on your property, but is that all your gate can do? Certainly not! A gate can also help to make your home look better, but that's only if you opt to get a gate that looks beautiful and unique.

For the most beautiful-looking gates, have yours provided by FL Fab Works. We provide stunning gates that range in style from modern to classical, ensuring that you'll find an option that's best for your Longboat Key home's layout. Call us today if you want to maintain your privacy in the best possible style.

Call Us for Your Commercial Metalworking Needs in Longboat Key

Homeowners are not the only folks who could benefit from our quality metalworking services and installations. Business owners could also find something to love in the work we do, and if you feel that way, we have good news for you. That news is that we provide commercial metalworking services for companies in the Longboat Key area.

Because of their aesthetic appeal, our metal installations can help your business flourish by drawing in customers. After all, people are likely to check out a beautiful business more so than they might an unsightly one. To ensure that your business looks the best and draws in the most customers, have us up its appearances with our beautiful metalworking installations.

Finest in Longboat Key Aluminum Railings

Looking for a professional to take care of your aluminum railings but not sure where to start? Well, the good news is that you've come to the right place because here at FL Fab Works, we take this line of work seriously.

We offer the finest in craftsmanship and customer care. This includes helping educate our clients about the benefits of this type of railing system:

  • It beautifies your property be it residential or commercial
  • It's durable and long lasting
  • You can expect peak performance for the duration
  • Little to no maintenance is required
  • Aluminum can hold up against the elements
  • It's a cost-effective alternative

We can teach you much more in person so call for an appointment today. We're the aluminum railings experts in Longboat Key and surrounding areas.

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If you are looking for a professional that installs gates, railings, shutters or screen enclosures in Longboat Key, FL, please call FL Fab Works at 813-685-4590, or complete our online request form.