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4 Different Places To Install Roller Screens On Your House

Places to install roller screens

Tampa homeowners are finding out that roller screens make a great addition to a house. They help to control the heat and glare of the sun, they add privacy to any area of the house, and they shelter us from the wind, sun, and rain. If you already know about the benefits of roller screens, you probably want to know where they can be installed. Fortunately, the modern technology and design of the roller screens have greatly improved over the years. So they really are perfect for all the key locations where you would like to install them. Here are a few suggestions.

Roller Screen For The Garage

You can have a roller screen installed over the garage door. This is a great way to enjoy time in an open garage where you can feel the breeze without sacrificing privacy. The roller screen is installed on a track system to cover the opening of the garage. It can operate manually by just pulling it down or be fitted with a remote control opener.

Roller Screens On The Patio

Most people are familiar with installing roller screens on the sides of a covered patio. This gives you very flexible options because they open up completely when you don't want them down. Conversely, built-in screening means you are stuck with no way to open the patio up. Instead, install a roller screen on the front, side, or backyard patio to increase privacy or add some shade.

Roller Screens For The Upstairs Balcony

A roller screen can be installed over the entire expanse of an upstairs balcony. There are some very well-made rolling screens available that offer protection to the windows of the house and the balcony area. Harsh sunlight and harsh weather can make the balcony pretty miserable. Hurricane strength roller screens or solar screens are worth looking into.

Roller Screens For The Front Door & Entryway

Whether you have a long stretch of covered patio leading up to the front door or you just have a door and small entryway, a roller screen can be installed for protection. Having the easy open aspect of a roller screen rather than a screen door is very convenient for the doorway. And again, there are hurricane roller screens that can be installed to protect the house. Call a professional to help!

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