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Why Tampa Businesses Need Dumpster Enclosure Gates

Tampa businesses dumpster enclosure gates

Many businesses don't have a dumpster enclosure or a gate to keep it secure. This can be a problem for many reasons. A dumpster enclosure gate may be an extra expense, but it's well worth looking into.

If you own a business in Tampa, FL Fab Works offers all types of gate services.

Some businesses already have a partial enclosure and some don't have anything. Partial enclosures can be fitted with an appropriate dumpster enclosure gate. Otherwise, the enclosure itself will also need to be installed or built.

Here is why they are so important:

Dumpster Enclosure Gates Hide The Trash

Let's face it, your customers don't want to see your trash. Dumpsters can also take on quite an odor. Camouflage or hide your dumpster behind an enclosure with a dumpster gate. It only makes your business look more professional and inviting.

Dumpster Enclosure Gates So Others Don't Use It

Keep your dumpster from being used by others for dumping.

People will literally drive around to find an unsecured dumpster so they can get rid of furniture and unwanted items. People don't know that they can go to jail, this is against the law. Have you ever come out to see a sofa sticking out of your dumpster? The problem is:

  • You have no room left for your trash
  • Your trash service may not empty the dumpster until you take it out
  • You could be fined because of city sanitation code violation

Dumpster Enclosure Gates Keep Loitering Out

A dumpster enclosure with no gate is a great place for illegal activity to take place. It's difficult to see the activity unless you are right there watching. A gate encloses the area completely so no one can use it as a hiding spot.

Be sure to choose one with visual screening so you can see the area before entering.

Dumpster Enclosure Gates To Eliminate Dumpster Diving

Not only does dumpster diving create liter, it can disturb the peace. Sure, people will always street scavenge, but they don't have to do it at your business.

If you haven't seen the news about a Florida couple who fell asleep in a dumpster after drinking in Feb. of 2015, you may not realize it's dangerous for the public when the area is not secured. They woke up in the back of a garbage truck and were nearly killed by the compactor. Imagine that happening at your business.

Install a dumpster enclosure gate, if not for your sake then for the sake of the public.

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