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Tampa Entrance Gates: Security With Style

Tampa entrance gates security style

Tampa Entrance gates enable a wide range of security settings, from crowd control to a more sophisticated access control system. Gates are simple and small enough to be installed in most establishments, giving the required level of security to the premises. Structurally, gates can be of the all-steel variety, or be made of a combination of steel and security glass.

Swing gates

Swing gates are simple and user-friendly pass gates. They allow different types of passers-by, from simple pedestrians, to those who are carrying or hauling luggage or those on wheelchairs. Swing-type entrance gates feature a hinging steel or glass barrier. This barrier can pivot up to 90 degrees or up to 180 degrees, allowing bidirectional movement.

Swing gates are used singularly for smaller points of entry, but two may be used together (facing each other) to provide access of up to 1.8 metres wide. Swing gates may be motorised, wherein the barrier automatically opens or closes in response to some input or operator command.

Many hinge-type gates can also be integrated with a comprehensive access control system, or serve as the output (i.e., acting) part to a connected sensor. They may also be programmed to open or close automatically after a pre-set amount of time.

Entry gates

Tampa entrance gates are steel or steel-and-glass fixtures that have low barrier heights, barring climb under attempts. Unlike swing gates, these gates only allow ambulatory passers with little or no luggage with them. They are typically used in reception areas, museums, and entertainment locations.

Push gates

These are highly accessible gates, allowing all types of passers on a wide lane. They are designed to accommodate disabled users, as well as allow carts, prams, and other wheeled equipment to pass through. Since they are simple to install and usually unpowered, they are also used to control pedestrian flow, such as marking entrance and exit areas.They are usually not motorised, unlike swing gates. But like swing gates, they could also be installed in singles or in pairs, giving an opening of up to 1.8 meters wide.

Rotational gates

These types of gates make a rotation on one axis. Rotational gates allow all types of passers, included wheeled equipment. They are suitable in areas with high amounts of foot traffic, such as in supermarkets. Rotational gates may be manually operated or connected to a sensor, usually a photocell. These entrance gates are ideal for retail and entertainment environments.

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