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Installing Quality Canopies & Shutters in Tampa

Shutters tampa fl

When you are looking for a tasteful addition to your property that will help you increase its comfort, functionality, and your home's overall value, you can never go wrong with a brand new canopy or system of shutters in Tampa for the exterior areas of your home or business. Shutters and canopy areas are great for increasing the overall aesthetic of your home, but they can also help to give your home extra protection from the elements and just make your home overall a little bit more comfortable for you and your family.

Here at FL Fab Works, our team of experienced Tampa screen enclosures and shutter installation professionals can help you design and install the perfect new shutter system or canopy setup to help you truly make the most of your home. We have a wide variety of different options available for your to choose from, so give us a call today and let us help you get the most out of your home in terms of both function and enjoyment.

Bahama shutters tampa fl

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters can be a wonderful way to give your Tampa home that classic beachfront look while still giving yourself a good deal of protection from the elements and the particularly nasty storms we get here from time to time. In addition to providing your home with a great deal of protection from storms and the like, Bahama shutters provide your home with permanent shade while still allowing you to see out onto your home's landscape because of the angle at which they are mounted.

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Sunshades tampa fl


If you have larger windows in your home, you are no doubt acutely aware of how hot your home can get during the summers here in Florida. The amount of sunlight that pours through your windows over the course of the day can make it extremely difficult to keep a comfortable temperature inside your home and the glare can be a real pain to deal with. Here at FL Fab Works, however, we offer a full range of sunshade options to help you keep the interior of your home more comfortable by eliminating the build up of excess heat and the oppressive glare from the sunlight coming through your home's windows.

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Entrance conopies tampa fl

Entrance Canopies

If you are a commercial property owner here in the Tampa area, you no doubt understand the impact that the weather can have on your business. Keeping the entrance of your property and your customers safe and dry when the weather takes a turn for the worst is no doubt high on your list of concerns, and there is no better way to accomplish both of these goals than by investing in a high quality entrance canopy for your business property. These canopies can be designed to fit almost any specification, so no matter what the particular needs of your property might be, there is an entrance canopy out there that will fit.

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Fixed louvers tampa fl

Fixed Louvers

Fixed louvers can be an excellent addition to both the interior and exterior of your home or business. Fixed louver shutters have their slats affixed in place, and when they are put in place on the exterior of your home, they can provide you with constant shade and protect your window sills and windows from the rain and debris while still letting you have ventilation when you decide to open your windows and letting in natural light while reducing the glare. If you are interested in fixed louvers for your Tampa home, you can always trust the team of experts here at FL Fab Works to help you find and install the perfect solution for all of your needs.

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If you are looking for a contractor that specializes in canopies and shutters in Tampa, please call FL Fab Works at 813-685-4590, or complete our online request form.